Happy 2019 from my family to yours. Wishing you the best of all things.— M. Matheson

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Curator of Truth, Teller of Tall Tales…

Mike is the author of two books and dozens of unique short stories that are available at all online retailers.For more details view my book page here or download a free story and take me for a test ride.

Mike is most often compared to Stephen King or David Baldacci seasoned with a heavy dose of C. S. Lewis.

No More Mister Nice Guy, his first novel, is a supernatural and allegorical tale of a life better lived dead. It is a taut, chilling and entertaining tale, think Chronicles of Narnia with bullets and blood followed by a Whiskey Chaser. Why should you read it? It contains the redemptive message of a life better lived when you give it away.

Mike’s second novel, released September 1, is Flatline, a full-tilt crime thriller. Troy Bittles, an aging outlaw, and retired enforcer for the world’s largest motorcycle gang tumbles into a series of serendipitous events that lead him and an unlikely cohort (whom at first, he is tempted to put a bullet in) on an international spree of Robin Hood type adventures. Only, instead of bows and arrows, Troy and Silas use pistols, sniper rifles, and hard bony fists. Why should you read it? If you have ever longed for justice or revenge and wanted to just put a bullet in something, this suspense thriller is for you. Travel away with these American outlaws on a men’s adventure into the Cartels of Mexico. Follow them as they rid a small town in Nicaragua of a violent bully. And lastly, they land in Recife, Brazil where their own brand of vigilante justice works at ridding the world of murderous  Death Squads. The book is violent, coarse, and not for the weak at heart. The ending will leave you stunned and satisfied.

One last reason to read Mike’s stories and books: Every location, besides Brazil, has been lived in or well-traveled by the author. Even the most violent and intense scenes in his stories have been culled from M. Matheson’s personal history. Either by association or active involvement. So, if that hasn’t yet frightened you away, keep reading.

Other than dying a slow pleasurable death from the incurable disease of writing, Mike is a sixty-one-year-old retiree, father, and husband. And, after having raised four daughters who are all well into adulthood, his wife Dottie and he are now bringing up a very active six-year-old boy. They live in Folsom (not the prison), California.

MMBC Circa 1985

Early in life Mike was sidetracked by a maniacally dysfunctional lifestyle but discovered later that those same troubles made for great storytelling.

Blessed to have taken a wide bite out of life, Matheson lived for decades as what normal society calls a motorcycle outlaw. In later years, he founded and pastored a church and inner-city ministry and also traveling into Mexico and Central America as a missionary evangelist.

Querataro, Mexico Queretaro, Mexico

Having seen a lot and traveled a lot, there are many things he wished he’d never done and some he can’t wait to do again. But, with each and every scrap comes fantastic fabric from which to weave another grand tale.

His next book is nearly complete. Taking Jericho is a non-fiction book recounting the transformation of Mike from outlaw to missionary and the amazing story of founding a church in an inner-city neighborhood of Sacramento.

The title Taking Jericho is taken from the idea that the odds were astronomically against someone like him ever doing something lasting with his life or leaving any permanent good mark in our world. Taking Jericho fills the reader with encouragement to climb the impossible odds against them to at last shout the victory.

From M. Matheson:

My greatest joy would be that you were in some way moved by my tales, or at the very least simply enjoyed reading it.


Mike Matheson


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