If you have found your way here, you are one of the fortunate (hopefully) first.  Greetings! and Welcome.

This Blog’s purpose has several folds:

1. A place for Mike Matheson to offer some form of public service.
2. A place that public service could possibly be of value.
3. A place to build a collaboration of first time authors like myself.
Collaboration has varied definitions depending on who, why and what you are collaborating on, so before I lose you. 
I wish to share not only my experience navigating the waters of first-time authorship, though I do love to talk about myself; I wish to learn from you, hear your story, get tips and feedback on your journey as you navigate the huge ocean of publishing your first book.
The main point of contact at this time is Twitter @Mikeyznsacto I’ve found there a veritable New World of Indie authors such as myself.
If you are in the process of or have recently published your first book, of any genre, I’d love to hear from you. Tweet me follow me DM me and let me know you are out there.
I’ve never once been short of something to say or write. I can give a pretty good short story on that piece of bark littering my front walk. Never had writer’s block, understand it YES, but so far (Knock on wood, cross my fingers, stick needle in my eye and all that rot) never had it.
So, I would like to feature items by you the New Author like me, longer than a TWEET on your experience, your tips etc. 
Also, I will promote your new book on my Twitter feed and possibly here at First Time Author. No Erotica please
Please if you are very accomplished at your craft already and would like to teach us–Tweet it and I’ll ReTweet it or possibly share it in my posts.
Mike Matheson

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