Editing Psychosis

I don’t think I’m truly psychotic, my associates might tell you a different story though. But, I am guilty of something I’ve termed ‘Editing Psychosis’. It is not the inability to edit, it is being unable to stop and say, “Enough already.” Different than perfectionism, it takes a perfectly good and often great sentence and twists and turns it until it is often unrecognizable and barely to be comprehended.

The only way out I’ve found is to hit UNDO enough times to get back where I started, turn off MS Word and if need be the laptop, desktop, iPad or phone and go do something entirely foreign to writing. If we call ourselves a writer, then very few things fall outside the pale of our craft. 
All of lives experience is collected by our crafty little minds and stored, filed and or stacked in messy little piles on the desk of our mind; the people in our lives all make for tremendous characters.
We just need to put down our work, step away and refresh. If we are unable to do that we need to write new material instead of going round and round the editing carousel.
My manuscript is out to my editor who I believe is a great choice @BZHercules. Beth did a free ten-page test ride and I thought the results stellar. So after several drafts and countless hours in the editing dungeon and a paper proof, I released ‘No More Mister Nice Guy’. He was probably glad to get away from me.
http://BZHercules.com offers the lowest prices & highest quality services to #indies. Please send any inquiries through http://www.bzhercules.com/contact_us.html She offers a wide range of author services and also academic editing. Trailers, Book Reviews and Featured Authors.
Find me on twitter @mikeyznsacto

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