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Could it really be that simple? A little birdie told me so. 

When I sent my first novel out to the editor @BZhercules I finally got down to the business of promoting my book “No More Mister Nice Guy” a tale of improbable redemption.
From reading, watching and common sense I learned I needed to build a platform from which to be heard or seen. So, starting with less than 300 followers 10 days ago, I’ve been able to get to 413. That’s over 10 a day or better than 35% increase with little more effort than collecting quotes and great tweets to retweet. It’s all about relationship even if it’s not face to face.
Here it is:
Get an app like @hootsuite or others. Then you can schedule tweets and FaceBook posts to go out while you play sleep or write that next book.
Collect stuff people would like to see then Retweet or post. Don’t forget to post links to your upcoming book and blog like this one, but don’t overdo that one. You might lose followers like rats off a sinking ship, and who’s to blame them.
Next, keep an eye on new followers and send out a post with all their names such as – Hey you all look good. Thanks to my new followers @mikeyznsacto @billyjoebob and so on.
Make sure you also follow back those new followers.
Next go to their profiles and schedule Retweets of their best posts, promote their blog provided you read it first. One I like is from @NatRusso he started inexperienced like myself and works a day job. He’s a great writer and has lot of good wisdom.

Very important, be polite. Always thank people for following retweeting or promoting your stuff.

Like I said, I learned by watching.

Soon enough the follows will start piling up.

Reminder- I only just got started at this and have only a hint at what to do. This is my blog that I use to promote and build my platform. I wrote it while riding the train with my 3-year-old son. If you like it. Promote it and I’ll promote your book blog or whatever.


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