No Longer a New Author

So, I am guilty. I did it. I am no longer a new author. When does that happen? It might be when you forget that you even have a blog, and find that said blog is so lapsed that your profile says “Upcoming book” when the book has been out for a month. I have been so wrapped up in promotion for ‘No More Mister Nice Guy’ that it is no longer new.

I’ve also been writing a long short story, OK possibly a novella, ‘The Eagle Claw Hack’ about an indie author who is so frustrated with his constant readers for ‘their’ lackluster performance he sets out to hack Amazon and make them buy at the point of a gun. Is the fiction truth or at least a reveal on the twisted inner workings of yours truly–Maybe and maybe not. I’ll never tell.
 In the meantime, news from the front:
Lettered– a short story is at 200+ downloads and you can get your own by clicking the title or here.
No More Mister Nice Guy is on all eBook retailers. At SMASHWORDS you can find any filetype you want for your particular reader and here’s a code to get it for free-YD98L.
BUT and that’s big but- If you pay full price I will donate my royalty to The Wounded Warrior Project for the rest of the month of September.
That’s the news for now.

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