The Best Music EVER

This is why they always said I looked like Gregg Allman… and they were all girls. That was back when I was young and ungrizzled by life and years, at least as far back as the 70’s.
Gregg looks sharper, sings and plays better than anyone on this planet. Not I.

Me in the early Seventies before racking up too many hard miles…
1985 Living the outlaw lifestyle

I was hooked on the Allman Brothers Band since the Album Live At Fillmore East. I bought it when I was 15 years-old, in 1971, the year it was released . I wore the grooves in that vinyl out to nothing.
I wasn’t the only one; that album to this day has remained at the top of many official ‘Best of’ lists especially ‘Best Live Rock Album’. My favorite track was an old blues standard ‘Stormy Monday’

I’ve followed Gregg Allman’s solo career from his first album ‘Laid Back’ when my friends thought I was weird since this solo album is a lot like R&B and old gospel spirituals.

I’ve been listening to their music for over 40 (forty) years and it has never grown old. I have changed lifestyles and life-pathways, still they remain as Number One on my list.

In 2011 my wife and I traveled to New York City, I to see the Allman Brothers perform at The Beacon Street Theater, she to see the sights. I confess to liking the sights too.



At the top of the blog post, I listed Fillmore East as my favorite album. When they released ‘Hittin’ the Note’, their 14th and final studio album in 2003 my favorite was now a toss-up between the two. My favorite track ‘Desdemona’

I don’t know if anybody really cares about this, but I know I will exit this world with their music in my heart.
If you have not enjoyed or even heard of the ABB until now, you can do yourself a huge favor and download some of their music.

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