The Taxman is Here

A name that releases ubiquitous fear within adults of tax paying age and income is THE TAXMAN. This also is the name of my new short story.

Kenneth Selznick is an auditor with the IRS, he is 41 years of age and still lives at home with MOTHER, Malvina the Malevolent. This arrangement has produced an insanity within Kenneth that preys upon the happy world around him. His twisted brand of joy comes from auditing returns and watching good honest people bleed slowly to death. The more honest and happy, the more he enjoys the kill. The tables in this short tale continuously turn as Kenneth’s fortunes twist and turn.

That’s all you’ll get about the tale without reading the story except for a little background.
The original idea for this story came from a real audit of my wife and I. If you’ve had the misfortune to be audited, you know the grief that it can bring no matter how level and straight your records have been. There is no shortage of myth, true or false, and lore surrounding the Internal Revenue Service’s ravaging of the peace of common citizens.
When my wife and I were audited several years back, we knew we had done our due diligence, yet the fear remained. Our biggest worry was how much this was going to cost us. Well, weren’t we surprised to learn we would be getting money back, a lot of money, and it was the IRS that had made the error. I’m sure that does not happen often.
I hope you enjoy my story which couldn’t have been made possible without the beta reading, advice, edits and big suggestions to the storyline by Melinda Matthews.
Please check out her Amazon Author page and follow her Twitter page.

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