Preorder Flatline Now

Here at last. 

I am so excited that I could stand on my head and spit nickels. Flatline is now available for Preorder on Amazon and Smashwords.
Flatline is a fantastic story full of guns, guts, and modern day outlaws in the ancient tradition of Robin Hood. Using their unique skill set of fearlessness and unwinking violence, these outlaws seek to right the scales of injustice, at least as they see it. 
I hope you get to read this story. You will not be disappointed. If stories full of crime, violence, blood and a dash of splattered brains are your thing, this story will scratch your itch. 

Troy Bittles is a retired second generation Enforcer for the world’s largest motorcycle club. Caught in the angst of boredom after a life of action, power and violence, he amuses himself by writing books and helping his neighbors out of jams that fall beyond the scope of Law Enforcement. Using his unique skill set of fearsome and unflinching violence, he collects wayward children, spouses, and bail jumpers. Slumlords and bullies fear him. The only real family he has is a Mexican Cartel, Casa Rafael, who he serves as an on-call mercenary. 
Through a series of unpredictable events, Troy is thrust stumbling headlong, against his will, back into the violent world where he’d spent most of his life. Strong-armed into HITTING an entire family of accountants, he has the nerve and the tools for the job but is unwilling, no matter if it costs him his life, to kill their child. Troy creates an elaborate plan to save the boy which will certainly put a price on his own head. Within the ugliness of the deed itself, he sees the possibility for redeeming himself for one horrendous and haunting deed, a careless accident from decades earlier.
The story begins in Sacramento and runs through Arizona into the arms of a Mexican Cartel. Farther along the story, in Nicaragua, he and Silas Parker, once his bitter rival, team up to rid a community of a bully who thinks himself the new and improved Fidel Castro. Their last stop is South America where Troy leads a team of killers against the murderers of innocent children.
The ending will leave you gasping; it was even a shock to me as I wrote it.
Available for Preorder now for a September 1, 2016, release date.

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