The Myth of Ordinary


News-Flash smor·di·nar·yˈôrdnˌerē/ turns out to not be so ordinary after all.
Since there is only one of you and one of me, how can there be any ordinary people? Even the simplest of human beings can parse the correct answer.
Perhaps in its usage, such as, ordinary looks or he was quite ordinary we are being quite prejudiced and simply trying to place whom we feel is less desirable somewhere under us in the prehistoric pecking order.

Maybe Ordinary People should rise up in armed revolt and demand equal time, pay and attention to their ordinariness. Of course, at that point, they would stop being ordinary and the rest of us extraordinary persons would embrace them into the fold of special people.

Taking my tongue out of my cheek and choking down my self-entertaining humor for a minute, let’s get serious: each one of us is extraordinary. The creator’s mold was broken when you broke the womb on the day of your birth; or depending on your belief system, the mud puddle dried up after you crawled out of it.

How much better would our world be if we saw no one as typical and there was no such thing as normal? If you pictured the person on the train next to you as extraordinary, your fear and bigotry would melt into nothing.




Leaving that dead horse to die on its own, consider today. Today is no ORDINARY DAY. This day, August 25, 2016, will not come again. When the clock tolls MIDNIGHT, it is all in the can. Those things you put off until tomorrow—which is finally here—didn’t get done. You are late or even later depending on how many times you pushed that chore into the future.

If you intended—yesterday—to tell your kids, spouse or parents how much you love them, you missed the boat. I am normally a fiction writer, but as my own press says, I am also a curator of truth.
As you read this, I can see you visibly bobbing your head in agreement. BETgiphy







Today is extraordinary since it has never been before and never will be again. There are monumental news items that will happen today and never again. Some good. Some bad.
People will come into the world and some will leave, and none of them will be ordinary.


Speaking of death, let today be the death of ordinary in your life, and the birth of extraordinary. Today you can do things that can’t be done tomorrow, and if you do push them off the cliff into the next day, they just might lose their impact.

The death of ordinary is the death of boredom.Bored Skeleton

In this amazing world of ours, it never fails to amaze me at how often I hear people tell me how bored they are.

Books still exist, at least in America, READ ONE before they’re not. Book lovers are on the decline, though. Movies, some of them good, are churned out at a phenomenal rate, and there is always Netflix and Amazon Prime if you happen to have watched the 300-600 new movies made every year.
I personally think there is no good excuse to be bored, but for a differing POV (point of view) and a great article click here.

I am on a vendetta; wreaking my own form of vigilante justice against the tyranny of the ordinary.
Have an extraordinary day, you are a phenomenal person; you deserve it.

M. Matheson

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