Stairway to Heaven

From my Instagram: #Repost @teamg_fit
Stairway to Heaven of the Haiku Stairs is hike that I’ve always wanted to do in its entirety, yet up until today I have never completed it.

@mohammedabas and I woke up at 3am with flash lights strapped to our heads and hit the road. By 3:45am we began hiking through the jungle using Yelp directions to try and find the base of the stairs. It was a pitch black, slippery clay soiled jungle and we ended up getting lost for nearly 2 hours before finally finding the guarded barbed-wire fence at the base of the Haiku Stairs. We were discouraged, but pushed through it.

We were warned that we were trespassing and the authorities would be waiting for us and may issue a ticket of up to $600 USD but we commenced hiking up the stairs onto the mountain. We had met an American, a couple of Australians and a fellow Canadian but they all at some point stopped and chose not to go the top. As we continued, we hiked directly into the clouds where the elements quickly changed going from hot and Sunny to Cloudy, Windy, Wet and Cool. We continued to climb until we hit the satellite station over 4000 steps up at the top of the mountain. It was one of the most rewarding feelings of either of our entire lives. We took some pictures and Mohammed face timed with his Mom and also his Dad and then we started to make our way down. The security patrol came to stop us as we reached the bottom, but we were positive and apologized for trespassing. Within a few minutes, the three of us were laughing together and it turned out his daughter lived in Winnipeg. He was so kind and let us go with no ticket.

All in all the hit took close to 6 hours and we logged over 16,000 steps. It was equivalent to doing a 5 hour Fasted Cardio session on the Stepmill for those of you who do cardio. We got lost, it was a bit scary being in the pitch black, slippery jungle and also frustrating thinking that we might not ever even find it, but we never gave up and we made it. Adversity defines your true character.

✅ that one of the Bucket List check out @grantdreid story for more videos of the hike

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