Awesome. I love his style. Dark yet poetic in an almost classical sense.

Frank Solanki

Last night I lay in my bed but I couldn’t get any sleep
I got up and checked the clock. It was nearly three
I stepped outside and I beheld a star-studded sky
Made me wonder at my significance and purpose in life
The road was quiet and peaceful. The winds were blowing soft
I wondered if this is what paradise is all about
Just then my paradise was disturbed by the sound of bullet shots
I think it came from my home but I wished it didn’t
I rushed to the scene and the horror enveloped
Father, he was dead
Mother, she had a bullet in her head
Brother, he was gone
Sister, she will never wake up now
I knelt at my mother’s bed and I held her hand
“Why did she have to leave me all alone?” I began to cry
Just then an arm grabbed me…

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