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Who’s Your Hero?

Who’s your hero? I mean which author rocks your world and makes or has made a difference in your life.

From Shakespeare to King, Cormac McCarthy to J. K. Rowling who does IT for you?
Mine is Stephen King the Master Story Teller he does IT for me pun intended. He is prolific at a book-and-a-half per year over thirty-plus years and still finds time to read seventy books per year. The man knows how to tell a story that captures his readers and makes them late for work, dinner, and their dentist appointment. His best book for me was his memoir On Writing. But his fiction is what he’s known for, so I have to say The Stand was his best for me. Running a close second is The Dark Half and Alexis Machine as the ultimate anti-hero.

I think Cormac McCarthy is my hero for using minimal punctuation and getting a Pulitzer (I’m dashed off a cliff onto sharp rocks for missing a comma) and telling such a dark tale that not a pinprick of light is allowed in. It’s not gratuitous either the horror of it all. The characters situations go from bad to worse and then worse than that. If something good does happen like a guy falls in love, then he finds her on his stoop with a slit throat (as in All The Pretty Horses). And if the Brothers Grimm weren’t grim enough, Blood Meridian takes horrific antagonists to a level outside your… your… imagination.

I love my heroes dark or not. I have a thousand more for everything from music to faith to food and parenting. I love my heroes (I did say that didn’t I?)

3rd Anniversary of NMMNG 

Celebrating the Third Anniversary of “No More Mister Nice Guy”
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M. Matheson

August 8, 2016

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If you are reading this, you already know it’s true. M. Matheson has gone from the land of UNDEAD Blogger page (no offense, it served me mediocre-like for years). Thank you, Google, but WordPress is better. I feel like a real… something. Let me pause to celebrate.



While you are here, pour a beverage of your choice, download a free story, read my last post, and Preorder Flatline. If you like anything you see send me a note. If something bugs you and sticks in your craw, do likewise.

WordPress made this chore a snap, my hat (if I wore one) is off in solemn salute.

Thank you, to all my loyal readers and fans. May your life be filled with peace and good things.

M. Matheson

Review: Ashley Bell by Dean Koontz

My last comments about ‘Ashley Bell’ from a previous post got turned on their head.

Don’t get the idea I am not enjoying Ashley Bell, I am. 

The novellas that made the run up to this epic novel paved the way for this story although there was only one character retained, Pogo. He is a brilliant, handsome and humble surfer-dude. Girls all go gaga over him which he seems not to notice. He is the best friend with no romantic ties to BiBi Blair the protagonist of this story.

Early on she is set up as the amazing child of surfer parents whose life motto is, “What will be, will be.”

From Amazon: 
The girl who said no to death. Bibi Blair is a fierce, funny, dauntless young woman—whose doctor says she has one year to live.”

BiBi makes you want to know her.

Her head is full of imaginings and deep thoughts that spin constantly and fill her diary. She has had supernatural occurrences by the age of six, which Koontz taunts us with by releasing a crumb at a time.

By the time she is eighteen, BiBi has published a successful novel, and her mind and talent are well recognized. It is her mind we are let in on, sometimes confused and made dizzy by its labyrinthine turns.

From the time she is struck down by cancer to the time she is running for Ashley Bell’s life she is chased by a colorful cadre of connected villains. Throughout the entire tale, we are kept on the run.
BiBi, nor the reader, realizes that the alternate reality she is living in is not her first world. Not until the book has it’s colorful manicured nails deeply embedded into your soul.

The setting was a pleasant treat for me, Orange County, California, a place I lived for much of my life. It was fun to run with BiBi on streets and freeways that I grew up on.

During her quest, we are only given as much information as BiBi has – not much at all.
The lack of insight works well with the story.
Ashley Bell has many layers and more facets than a priceless diamond; to go on further would spoil the story.