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@racepf ** NEW RELEASE ** The #Spec6 is a fresh new take on the classic PROTOform body that captured the 2008 IFMAR Worlds. While modern 190mm touring car bodies have gone the way of low-slung, ultra high-downforce designs (#comingsoon), there is still a need for the more traditional, rounder and mellow-handling bodies for spec classes or track layouts with large sweeping corners. The Spec6 provides an ultra-smooth, high-corner speed feel, especially crucial in lower-power classes with handout motors.
The Spec6 has been brought up to 2019 standards with increased flat surface area behind each wheel opening to allow for more forward mounting. This is made easier with the added Mounting Marks scribed into each wheel opening in 2mm increments.

The Spec6 is Made in the USA in 2 weight options: X-Lite version will come in around 60-65g “race-ready” for high-grip surfaces where there is no body-weight limit. Our traditional lightweight version comes in around 85g “race-ready” for events such as ETS using the 85g limit.
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